The learning evolution

Learning Evolution


Massimo Bergami
Dean, Bologna Business School & Full Professor of Business Administration

Alec Ross
Tech policy expert, Distinguished Adjunct Professor at Bologna Business School


Davide Dattoli
Co-founder & CEO, Talent Gardent

Esther Wojcicki
Founder, Palo Alto High School Media Arts & Co-founder, Tract

Riccardo Zacconi
Co-founder & former CEO,

Bologna Business School

available from 16 February 2022 on
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Talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not equally distributed. The same applies to information: it pervades our present, at all times, but does it manage to make us develop new skills to grow in society?

Technology and the latest training models play an extraordinary role because they place the human being at the centre of a continuous learning process that intertwines study and work to give everyone the same opportunities to express themselves to the full.

Guiding us through THE LEARNING EVOLUTION there are the Dean of one of the world's most important business schools, an innovation expert and bestselling author who has worked with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the creator of one of Italy's few "unicorns", an extraordinary American educator and the creator of one of Italy's most important scale-ups: the voices of Massimo Bergami, Alec Ross, Riccardo Zacconi, Esther Wojcicki and Davide Dattoli thus come together to outline a new concept of knowledge in which innovation and ambition can truly unlock human potential.


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