The Human Pace



Stefano Domenicali
President & CEO Formula 1
At the time Chairman & CEO, Automobili Lamborghini


Livia Cevolini
Founder & CEO at Energica Motor Company

Bibop G. Gresta
Founder & CEO, Hyperloop Italy
Co-founder at Hyperloop TT

Felipe Massa
Formula 1 racing driver

Fiona May
Long Jump World Champion

Lamborghini Factory

available from 16 February 2022 on
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In ancient Greece, time was represented by two different divinities, Kronos and Kairos: on the one hand, mathematical time, measured by needles, and on the other, quality time, measured by emotions.

Today more than ever, redefining human time means being able to put Kairos before Kronos: enjoying speed but understanding when to decelerate, cancelling distances to aspire to the depth and duration of the moments that make us feel alive.

The rhythm of THE HUMAN PACE is set by one of the greatest Italian managers in the world, a visionary technological entrepreneur, two international sports champions and a scale-up proudly "Made in Modena": the voices of Stefano Domenicali, Bibop Gresta, Fiona May, Felipe Massa and Livia Cevolini thus come together to give us a glimpse of a new concept of speed in which time and space become the variables of technological innovation with a human face that starts in Italy to reach ever more distant goals.


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